Valley View Episode 10:
Episode Airs: November 28, 2012 || Time: 11a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET || Duration: 60 minutes run-of-site player, used to publish article embedded videos via DCT. The same ads will be served on this player regardless of embed location.

In our last Valley View, we sat down with big, established players like Oracle and Cisco, and we heard how changing industry trends and small upstarts were creating market transitions that required these industry leaders to react. For November's Valley View program, we're going to switch to the upstart side of the conversation, focusing on a handful of new companies that are threatening to unravel established businesses, or established ways of thinking.

In our opening segment, we'll talk with Dwolla, the new darling in the online payment space. Dwolla's success would threaten not just PayPal, but also credit cards and payment networks, and even the ACH (Automated Clearing House), the massive U.S. network that processes financial transactions.

Exec is a relatively new concierge service. You can hire Exec's employees by the hour to perform a variety of useful tasks, like running errands. We'll put Exec to the test to see how far we can push the service, and then we'll talk to Exec CEO Justin Kan.

As always, we'll feature some new technology in our Elevator Pitch segment, where we ask companies to pitch us (as if we were in an elevator) and then face our judging committee. For this month's segment, we've got a couple of big data players: Kaggle and Clearstory, each with a unique approach to this incredibly interesting market. Finally, SugarSync, one of the early players in the personal cloud movement will talk about how they're evolving to take on fierce competitive forces.

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Episode Airs: November 28, 2012 || Time: 11a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET || Duration: 60 minutes

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