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INsecurity: A Conference For the Defenders of Enterprise Data
Every day, the headlines are full of cyber attacks, data breaches, and online vulnerabilities. But there is precious little information about how to protect your organization against these emerging threats – the best practices that today’s IT security professionals need to do their jobs. To fill this gap, the team at Dark Reading has created a new event:  INsecurity, a conference for cyber defenders.

INsecurity will feature some of the industry’s most recognized and knowledgeable CISOs and IT security professionals, in a setting that is conducive to interaction and conversation. You’ll have a chance to meet colleagues in the cybersecurity profession to discuss the everyday challenges you face in protecting enterprise data. And you’ll get in-depth insights on how other organizations perform security best practices, and how they manage their teams.

Here are just some of the things that will be happening at INsecurity:

  • Top enterprise security professionals will provide in-depth presentations on their own security practices, and how you can employ those practices in your own environment
  • Security experts will lead Hot Topics discussion groups, enabling you to talk with other security pros in a safe, closed-room setting
  • Live demonstrations will enable you to see how other enterprises handle security incidents
  • Professional level content will enable you to talk about everyday challenges in security, such as budgets, threat prioritization, staffing, and patch management
  • A Business Hall will offer a look at some of the emerging technology available to mitigate cyber threats, as well as providing information on new technology trends
  • Roundtable discussions will provide a place for you to discuss key security challenges with small groups of your peers
INsecurity is designed to take the IT security conference to the next level – by providing an environment for professionals to discuss today’s challenges from the defender’s point of view. If you’ve been looking for a place where you can meet your peers and have real-life discussion about security practices -- in an environment that is conducive to discussion and conversation – then INsecurity is the conference for you.